LIGHT is migrating to Ethereum. Deposit your tokens to be eligible for airdrop / claim.


Deposit tokens

How does it work?

Users deposit their tokens into the migration contract on BSC. All deposited tokens get locked and burned. In return, users will be able to claim vested LIGHT (veLIGHT) tokens on Ethereum once the claim officially opens.

Are there any deadlines?

There is a 30 day deadline for depositing into the migration contract. The deadline for depositing closes on 10th of November, 2022. After that the claim opens.

Why are my new tokens vested?

Along with our migration there are also changes to our tokenomics. LIGHT is raising additional capital but we want to make sure to put existing holders in a very favourable position while also being attractive for new investors. To do that and to be fair to everyone, we decided on a vested model for all investors. However, once the migration is done everyone will be able to utilize their vested tokens on the platform.